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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Apricot Cheesecake Muffins

I have recently discovered the amazing resource that is the Philadelphia website. It has so many recipes I thoroughly recommend that you go there if you're stuck for an idea for tea, or even want to make yourself a sweet treat. That is if you like cream cheese of course! Philadelphia - I will gratefully receive free cheese/discount vouchers for this marketing :P

One of the many delectable cake recipes they have is for Sour Cherry Cheesecake Muffins. I thought that sounded amazing and was happy to note I had most of the ingredients. The only things I was short was an orange and the sour cherries. So I decided to make them with chopped dried apricots and lemon zest instead.

I only made half quantities too (six muffins) because I'm trying to be fairly good diet-wise, to try and keep myself from gaining more weight. My recent switch of antidepressants has made me put on at least one stone, maybe one and a half. The tablets themselves are not guilty directly; they make me super hungry and I therefore scoff more than I usually would. My BMI is currently about 28 (it shouldn't be higher than 25 to be healthy) and GP said if it got to 30 by the next time she saw me then we'd have to try a different tablet. We're both reluctant to change it though as I now sleep right through the night and my mood is a lot better than it was. Not perfect, but much better!

So, by the time I've finished writing this post the muffins are about to come out of the oven but I've yet to eat one. I'm sure they taste fab though because I had to lick a bit of the raw mixture off my fingers. I must go and get them out so they don't burn, and also Marwood is pestering me to be fed!