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Friday, 16 February 2007


I don't know if anyone else has received this email so I'll copy it below. I'm intrigued and interested but suspicious that it's not real.

We are Headstuff and we are producing a book showcasing people’s doodles in a fun way to show our inner thoughts…

So, here’s the thing… Do you doodle? If so, please follow the below guidelines and email us your sketches for submission to the Headstuff book that will be available online and in stores from August 2007 at the very latest.

The idea is to have a book full of doodles, have you explain what they mean and have various psychological therapists comment on what it could all mean. The book will be split into the categories listed below.

We are either planning self publication or to go through an established publishers. Either way we are getting the book on and as well as others.

If you are interested then all you need to do is take some time out from your busy day and sit down with a pen, coloured, black whatever and draw you inner most feelings about the following subjects. You can choose all of them or just a few. When finished, put the subject title on a separate bit of paper and attach this to the sketches. Please, no words in the sketches or they will not be accepted.

The subjects are:


With all entries, please give your name, a brief profile of you (by you) and what was going through your head with the sketches. Please also add that you are giving Headstuff permission to use these images within its future publication. After you have done your sketches, scan them onto your pc and email them to . If you have another suggested way in which to give us your doodles then please ask us first before sending.

If at no point can you source a scanner then please photograph them very clearly and email them to the same address.

So, ideally, you will have an email to us, with your scanned images, your profile and some info about the doodles.

If possible, please forward this email to your 10 closest friends or colleagues to do the same and so on… Spread the word.

All entries will be screened and considered, so good luck, see you in all good bookstores soon!

Thank you
Headstuff 2007"

What do you think - genuine or scam?

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


You must visit this spoof article "Are Your Cats Too Old To Learn About Jesus?"


It had been my aim on this blog to have a serial exhibition of interesting God related stuff. Now when I mean interesting I generally mean those amusing signs that churches have outside them to encourage to you to go.

They have no effect on me whatsoever in the way they're intended - they just make me laugh. As a media graduate though I appreciate them as obviously a lot of thought has gone into them.

The most recent one, and probably the funniest of them all, was on a board outside St Paul's church round the corner. It used a local waste management company's logo shown here and adapted it to say:

"We were going to waste, but Jesus recycled us".

Alas, the sign has gone before I managed to get a photo :(


As a child I had a recurring dream that I had a couple of times. I was dressed a bit like Joan of Arc - a white tunic and chainmail - and I was in an old house that had lots of interesting things like brass shields on the walls. The walls were white rough plaster and had coins set into them. In the dream I am quite excited and run up some stairs, just when I get to the top of the stairs, the dream ends.

I had sent my Nan a thank you card for the cheque she sent me for Christmas and she wrote me a little note back which arrived on Monday. It freaked me out when I opened the envelope as the card she sent had a line drawing of a hallway of an old house - AND IT LOOKED VERY LIKE MY DREAM!!!

What seems especially weird that although I had this dream a maximum of 5 times, I probably haven't had it for about 10 years - but I still remember it... I wonder what it all means?

Monday, 12 February 2007

Job Application

Everyone do spells for me as I have sent off my application for the librarian job at St Martin's College. Do them for Vince too as he is applying for the same job.

What colour candle should I burn and what tarot card should I put on my altar?

Friday, 9 February 2007


My boss has left for the weekend and I have done all my work. So I have to try and look busy for the next half an hour which will be difficult as my desk is empty. Perhaps is this was my job (I'm just covering as a temp) there'd be some bits of paper I could shuffle about in an organisational way.

I'd love to read my book which I have in my bag with me but knowing my luck I'd be caught :( It's dead good it's all about wizards and a girl who has magical powers and is trying to keep away from the wizards because she thinks they want to kill her. This is because only wizards are supposed to have magic. In reality they want to take her in and train her. The book's called 'The Magicians' Guild', is by Trudi Canavan and is the first part of a trilogy.

Well that's killed some time...


Hello there!
This is my new blog where I will probably say quite random and weird things. At least that is my hope.
Posting will be bare and minimal whilst using my work computer as I don't have any photos on it. Once mum gets her book published and buys me a shit hot PC with the money I'll get a broadband connection at home and will have nice pictures for you all.
So to the publishing world - give my mum a contract as this blog needs you!!