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Tuesday, 11 September 2007


This is m'kitty, Marwood.

We adopted him on Saturday from Animal Concern. My mum and dad took us to a guy called Kevin's house as Vince and I don't have a car and he lives out in the sticks. It took us a while to find his house as it's down a tiny lane but we finally made it.

I had seen a cat called Matey on the website (linked above) which sounded great so we were there to check him out. In a giant shed Kevin has chinchillas, chipmunks, other various rodents and a whole load of cats. The cats are kept in big cages, some with more than one cat in so they had company. We met Matey and he was very friendly. I had a fuss with another cat who was constantly crying for attention because I felt sorry for her.

We then went to a smaller outside pen where there were three more cages with a few more cats in. We met Rocky, a black cat with a white patch on his chest. He was very friendly too and we were torn then about which cat to get. Then Rocky got over-excited and bit Vince. So Matey it was.

My mum wanted to take home big bruiser Tootsie as he was massive but a gentle giant. My dad was very taken with Kevin's own cat Marmalade, or maybe it was more the other way round! I wonder if seeing all the kitties will make them want to get another cat, but I think my mum still has heart set on a dog much to my dad's dismay - he doesn't like dogs. My mum says that he didn't like cats or children though when she first met and has managed to win him round on both!

We have renamed Matey to Marwood, a character in the file Withnail & I (he is "I"). He is settling in quite well and is getting used to house noises after time in a shed. He still likes to hide in places (I have lost him twice and been worried when I couldn't find him!) but it is only his third full day so I don't expect him to be fully settled.

He follows me around everywhere I go. He's very friendly and quite talkative but won't settle on your lap yet. He's always dashing about the house giving everything in sight a headbutt!

I'm finding having a cat a little more stressful than I'd like, and also it has made me sad for the passing of dear old Anonymous who had to be put down last year as Marwood is my first kitty since then. Vince has said that I seem a lot happier since we got Marwood and I'm sure that as soon as he settles down and adapts to his change, that I adapt to the change too, I'll feel in purrrfect domestic bliss!


Gill said...

He is lovely though isn't he and you are looking after him very well so don't worry. He's bound to be a bit unsettled because his previous owners abandoned him.

Ruth said...

I think Marwood is absolutley gorgeous - and I am now a kitty second grandma! I'm sure he'll be very happy with you.

Karen said...

He's being a bit of a bugger and keeps sitting in the gap between the top of the cupboard and the ceiling in the kitchen so we're gonna have to get something to block that up!

He sat on Vince for the first time last night - but only as he'd made a hollow with his legs tucked up on the sofa so he curled up in there.

He is very good though as we moved his tray but he still goes in it :)

Gill said...

He obviously feels a bit insecure and wants to see what is going on around him.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Karen, he's absolutely gorgeous! I love orange cats (hell, I just love cats!)

Karen said...

i love cats period too M&M, but i am rather pleased that i fall into the owners/pets looking alike category :)

he fell asleep on me with his chin resting on my shin as i was lying in bed last night!

Ruth said...

Ps what's the pointy headed pixie entity in the top photo?

Karen said...

what pointed headed pixie thing Ruth - I don't see it!

Gill said...

how is the incontinent beastie??

mutterings and meanderings said...

How is he settling in?

Karen said...

Still piddling where he shouldn't be sometimes. The little bugger is determined to pee in the bed we bought for him! He still likes to hide on top of the kitchen cupboards and is still quite nervous about different sounds.

We think he has an ear infection of some sort.

He is also very noisy and meows constantly sometimes, about what we don't know! Sometimes it is because we won't go in a cupboard he wants to look in or because the space on top of the built-in wardrobes is too high for him to jump up to and he wants to explore up there.

He still doesn't really settle on you very much but occasionally he'll sit and have a cuddle. I had him on my lap on Monday night for an hour but I think that was because it was so cold!

He loves to play with a feather on the end of some string. He is still very friendly and butts us all the time.

Gill said...

If he is shaking his head a lot or pawing at his ear it could be ear mites and the vet can give him drops.

Karen said...

He has a vets appointment this Thursday so hopefully he'll be right as rain after that.

He sat on me while I was off sick and had lots of cuddles. Then when Vince and I were watching a film last night he sat on us both for a bit, so he is slowly becoming more of a lap cat :) might just be coz of the weather though I guess!!