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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Public service announcement

In case you're wondering where my mum, known to a lot of you as Gill, has gone and why she is not blogging it's because she is currently admitted to West Cumberland Hospital with gallstones and infected gallbladder. That is all the news I have but I will keep you updated.


Victoria Bennett said...

Ruth told me on wednesday and I have sent a wild woman howl around for Gill - give her a big hugahuga from me and Django and tell her we need her to get all better because we miss her! Plus, someone has just released a book called The Boy in the Dress so she needs to come out of hospital and chase them down! Love and hugs to you as well - it will be alright:-)

J.J said...

My mum had the same thing earlier this year. Sending very best wishes to Gill for a speedy recovery.

My mum is 73 by the way and she is fitter than ever since she had the gall baldder removed. But make sure Gill take sit easy when she comes out and doesn't overestimate how much she thinks she can do for herself too quickly.

Karen said...

Aye she's doing alright and will probably get out of hospital in the next couple of days.

Vik - I will give her a big hug when I see her this weekend. I'm sure she'll want to read that book!

JJ - I'm sure she will feel much better once she's had it whipped out as it's been causing her bother on and off for the past five years. I seem to remember she is a better patient than my grandma who, after her quadruple heart bypass, started doing too much too soon.

Gill said...

ooh, ow arrgh!