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Thursday, 29 January 2009


I visited JJ's blog and was greeted by this little snippet. I am immensely offended by that! I'm sick of society being ginger racist. If you can't say n****r word or p**i then i don't see why you should be able to say copperknob or ginger nut and the like. Ginger nut is not so bad, and indeed I don't mind being called ginge if it is said affectionately, but I do take offence to certain nicknames and the fact that it is still socially acceptable to use them.

When I was at school I used to get teased for having red hair. I used to get asked what colour my pubes were. Some boys used to lick their fingers, pretend to touch my hair and make a hissing noise as if it was hot. I was asked why I didn't dye it. Conversely, little old ladies and all my hairdressers have always said what a lovey colour it is. I have recently enhanced it using Lush henna dye.

I remember seeing Catherine Tate on Jonathan Ross last year. She was trying to get a kitten from Battersea and the first one they offered her had a problem. How bad? she asked. When it does a crap you'll have to push it's arse back in as it has a prolapse. We'll pass thanks.

A few weeks later she gets a call from the home. We've got another kitten for you but this one has a problem too. It's ginger. THE HATRED OF MY PEOPLE GOES DOWN TO CAT KIND she exploded. I gave her a round of applause.


Gill said...

Don't forget you are a ginger Ninja!

Manda said...

They're all just jealous cos they've got boring brown hair like me, sigh, or bottle blond! I have been asked why I DID dye my was blue (I was bored of it - point proved!)

J.J said...

It was a bit of a shocker when I saw that I must admit Karen - although maybe they were regarding it as a positive thing if there was any history of red hair in the family??

Anyway, I happily dye mine to make it red.

Your verification word is 'bessness'. What a great word!

Keiron said...


You're not the only one that's notice blatant acceptance of gingerism in today's society. I've got loads of examples over at my blog: gingerism.

Also you can check out the Catherine Tate video you were referring to here: Catherine Tate interview on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross