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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

New Look

Recently I got my hair cut shorter. Now I have just bought myself some new specs from the rather fabulous Glasses Direct. Go to a high street optician, enter your prescription details onto their website and you can get trendy glasses from as little as £19 including lenses. Yes I did say INCLUDING lenses!

The lovely pair I am modeling above are called Daquiri and set me back £38 including scratch resistant coating and postage. They look black but they are in fact black/dark red - a bit of a departure for me because the last few pairs I've bought have all had purple frames.

So whaddaya think?

Oh and sorry if my "lack of eyebrows" scares you - you can see why I don't bother doing anything with them as they are almost invisibly blonde!


Gill said...

Nice glasses-I have them in pink so I am biased of course.

J.J said...

Thanks for this tip Katen - I am looking to get some glasses for the very rare occasions when I need to see but have removed my contact lenses - but I am not looking to spend the £175 which was the first quote I got when I asked about this. Glasses Direct here I come.

And they look great btw!

Karen said...

I think they should start giving me commission as I've told loads of people at work and they're all going to buy from them. I am never buying glasses from an optician again, especially as the last pair I bought were about £150 from Vision Express!