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Friday, 6 May 2011

Ginger root in the shape of Makka Pakka

People claim to find religious and celebrity faces in all sorts of things. Recently there has been Kate Middleton on a jelly bean; famously there has been Mother Teresa in a currant bun and Jesus in a slice of toast, less famously there has been the face of Mother Teresa in a gallstone. Seeing faces in things is a type of pareidolia.

Now to add to this ever growing list is a piece of ginger root in the shape of Makka Pakka! It was kindly delivered to my by the kind people at ASDA. It certainly made unpacking the shopping more interesting.

For those of you not in the know, Makka Pakka is a character from the BBC's children's show In The Night Garden, much loved by toddlers, students and some middle aged women.

The photo of the perhaps soon to be famous Makka Pakka ginger root:


Gill said...

train it to do cleaning like makka pakka

Karen said...

I would only it's now at your house. Unless we ate him :-O

Gill said...

oh! I think he went into spicy tomato and lentil soup

Karen said...

Surely not all of him went in the soup or it would be rather fiery! My friend is sad because she thinks children will want to make a pilgrimage lol!

Anonymous said...

makka pakka does not look so ugly!!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks more like makka pakka roadkill.