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Monday, 10 October 2016

The problem with bras

The time has come for me to rant about bras.

For those of you that don't know me personally, allow me to provide a little personal information. I'm 33 and have a reasonably large bosom; I shop in the DD+ range.

I hate wearing clothes made of man made materials next to my skin. Polyester makes me feel all hot and sweaty. Boobs are big sacks of fat. Fat makes you warm. Boobs are warm. DD+ boobs get really warm. Hey let's make them even hotter by putting them in a fabric that doesn't breathe.

Padding. It seems that all bras have to have this at the moment. Because everyone must have a massive bust. There are times when I want padding for a bit of extra volume for a special occasion, but for everyday wear I don't. I wear a DD+ bra; I have my own padding. Plus padding means warmth, and we covered sweaty boobs already.

Wanting an unpadded bra made of natural material seems to indicate that you're a middle aged lady. In fact, that's insulting to middle aged ladies like my mum. She wouldn't wear them either. Marks and Spencer I'm looking at you. One bra in the whole of your shop last time I looked. In three colours - white, pastel peach or pastel green. Yuck.

Then we come to the subject of linings. I've found a bra that has nice soft cups. I feel lining inside. It's polyester. And is made of really rough mesh. Who wants rough mesh next to their nipples? That's right. Not me.

All I'm looking for is a bra that is mostly natural material (cotton/viscose/modal), has underwire and doesn't have any padding or nipple-chafing lace. Oh and I don't want it to cost more than £20. And I want more of a choice than black, white or "nude".


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