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Sunday, 10 June 2007

Flamin' June

I hate hot weather.

I am an English Rose with pale skin that burns to a crisp in seconds flat. I even managed to burn my arms yesterday even though I was sat under an umbrella (or so I thought...)

Sticky and sweaty. Too hot for cuddles. Smelly. Having to expose more body parts than is necessary just to try and stay cool. Sleepless hot nights. Getting woken up by the sun at 5am and being unable to get back to sleep. Headache-inducing humid heat that's so oppressive. Theres no escape from it.

What we need is a bloody big storm. Roll on autumn.


Gill said...

ginger whinger!! mind you it is VERY hot.

Karen said...

you forget I am also a ginger ninja so I will kick your ass next time I see you!!

Jen said...

Hehehe, I like ginger ninja! I'm sorry you got burnt, hope its not too sore. Was great to see you both. There's definitely a storm in the air, we were at St Bees this afternoon after my exam and there were rumbles going round, though we weren't sure if it was echoes from a quarry! xxx

mutterings and meanderings said...

Come to Northumberland. The sun has been cloaked with a fine gauze of sea fret... damn!!!

Karen said...

cloudy here too today.

no my burn is not too sore - I have been covering my arms in moisturiser so it's faded a lot and wasn't too bad to begin with. lovely to see you too.

storms have been threatening here but no rumbles yet. We've had a bit of rain but that's all.

how'd your exam go jen?

Gill said...

we had a cracking thunderstorm this morning and most of whitehaven got flooded out- so it was your fault you weather witch! remember how you used to make it snow so you wouldn't have to go to school.

Jen said...

The exams went fine thanks, easier than last week and I felt ok about it so thats good! Just glad its over with now. Going home today, can't wait! I don't like that this blog thing doesn't tell me when someone's replied to a comment, I usually forget to come back and check!!
Hope the job's going well. I've got you to thank for some good days off school when it snowed then have I?!! Good one!! xxx