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Saturday, 16 June 2007

TAGGED by Mumm-ra

my mum first thing in the morning

My mum said she'd tagged me but I cant see any evidence on my blog... anyway I'm gonna answer the questions anyway.

What were you doing ten years ago?

Being an angsty teenager listening almost exclusively to Radiohead and writing long letters to Thom Yorke. Oh the shame.
What were you doing one year ago?
Just about to leave a job I liked in Stirling as I was bullied by the other secretaries.
Five snacks you enjoy
1. Twiglets
2. Cheese
3. Pickled onions
4. Green & Blacks Maya Gold chocolate
5. Cheese scone
Five songs to which you know all the lyrics
1. Paranoid Android - Radiohead.
2. Love from Room 109 at The Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) - Tim Buckley.
3. Nancy Boy - Placebo.
4. Tainted Love - Soft Cell.
5. The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice.
Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
1. buy a house where I could have a cat a car
3. go on holiday to New Zealand for a month
4. go on holiday to Iceland for a month.
5. get a shit hot computer and mega fast broadband and a Freeview box with a HDD
Five bad habits
1. biting my nails
2. picking my feet
3. picking my nose
4. being lazy when it comes to housework
5. finishing peoples sentences for them
Five things you like doing
1. reading
2. listening to music
3. having a long bath being pampered with Lush and Be Never Too Busy to be Beautiful products
4. eating Green & Blacks Maya Gold chocolate
5. Having rib crushing hugs with Vince
Five things you would never wear again
1. cycling shorts - there was a fashion for black ones with bright stripes down the side when I was young. Thrush inducing and unflattering.
2. size 8 - I will never be that thin again.
3. shell suit - again a strange fashion when I was young.
4. velvet leggings worn with a velvet body suit in a contrasting colour - what was I thinking?! Also the poppers between the legs make going to the toilet quite difficult
5. School gym knickers and skirt in maroon (or in any other colour)
Five favourite toys
1. Yawning Bagpuss that says "YAWN! I'm really quite a friendly old cat"
2. Singing Charlie Mouse that sings the fix it song "We will fixt it, we will fix it, we will stick it with glue glue glue. We we stickle it, every little bit of it..."
3. Purple Creative Zen Micro 4GB.
4. Sony Ericsson W610i phone
5. Vince.
My mum tagged everyone I know on here so.... tag yourself!


Jen said...

I'm glad you're a creative zen girl, not a sheepy ipod! Creatives are the best!
Ah cycling shorts and shell suits, where are they now (all dead and buried I hope!)

Jen said...

Oh and Mumm-ra bring back Thundercats, I loved them!

mutterings and meanderings said...

Tainted Love is a rather fabulous song. I share a birthday with Marc Almond.

I too had a bagpuss on my favourite toys!

Karen said...

Creatives are indeed the best. I want a bigger one!

I think you can now get Thundercats on DVD box set. I want that too!

Tainted Love is great for bopping away slowly on the dancefloor (one where you can have a rest between more upbeat tunes).

M&M you have gone up in my estimations (not that you were ever down in them) for having a Bagpuss! I have created the word Bagposian - of or relating to Bagpuss; in the style of the programme Bagpuss and its characters.