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Friday, 10 August 2007

I Was Made to Love Camping

Hayley Jane and Vince
Rebecca and Nya

Unfortunately the only pictures I have are round the camp fire on the Saturday night as I forgot my camera for the rest of the weekend!

We set off from Croydon and got stuck in a traffic jam as people had slowed down to look at an accident on the other carriageway of the M40. Boo! I think I left my cool Fossil watch that my uncle got me for my 16th birthday on the table at Oxford services. I have rung their lost property but it hasn't turned up. Ultra boo!

We get to Tanworth and have 30 minutes to put up our tent. We've never done it before. We're both hot and tired. We both get in an arse with the tent and each other. Vince accidentally hits me on the chin with a bit of the tent when he is shaking it out. I cry. We make up.

We take longer than half an hour. James and Rebecca have gone in search of supermarket for food which we don't have time to eat. We get the to the village hall and fortunately things are delayed.

James and Vince decide to go on first to perform At the Chime of a City Clock. The sound man Peter Rice was at university with Nick Drake. He doesn't have the levels right so you can only just hear Vince's bass. James then did a song of his own (sorry James I can't remember which one you did). They go down a storm.

The evening progresses nicely with lots of lovely singers. People generally do one Nick cover and a cover by someone similar (like John Martyn, Tim Buckley, Fairport Convention, Jackson C Frank etc) or a song of their own.

Back to the campfire for more singing, merriment, drinking. Vince gets very drunk on whisky and falls into chairs and takes a chunk out of his shin.

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Gill said...

Putting up a tent together is the test of any relationship...