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Monday, 29 October 2007

I have my nose in an electronic book

I treated myself to a Nintendo DS on Saturday. I have Dr Kawashima's Brain Training and Lost Magic, a role playing game, for it.

At the moment my brain is aged 64 as I am rubbish at maths, but I have discovered that I am quite good at Sudoku. Vince's brain is 29 which is only two years older than the rest of him. We have nicknamed Dr Kawashima "Kimonagi-san" in honour of our friend, James.

Vince and James work together and they were discussing cleaning tips (!) and Vince mentioned something that he had learned from Kim and Aggie. Obviously James has never seen How Clean is Your House? as he thought that Vince was talking about a wise Japanese person called Kimonagi! Perhaps he envisioned the domestic version of Confucius.

Hmmm you can tell that my boss isn't in and I haven't got a lot of work to do!


Gill said...

kimonagi san came to clean tower house as we left- a large dark lady and a small blonde one! Maybe Vince and James should set up a cleaning business together and you could supervise and do the paper work.

Ruth said...

How come being rubbish at maths means your brain is old? That test must have been devised by men - they'll be saying next that your brain is old becasue you can't park a car!

Karen said...

There are some non-maths tests such as working out how many syllables are in a sentence, saying what colour a word is written in and how fast you can read. But most are maths so I agree that it was devised by men as it was invented by Dr Kawashima who is a bloke!

J.J said...

Hi Karen,

Off comment but...

I have put my foot in it on my blog and need to make it invite only for a while. If you want to see my drivel (fuck knows why you might!) e-mail me on and i will add the permission setting.


Jane The Very Stupid

Anonymous said...

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