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Monday, 29 October 2007


Image courtesy of Dorling Kindersley

Yesterday Vince and I bought a lead for our cat Marwood. We live in a built up area so we don't want to let him outside in case he gets run over. However, we also think that it's sad that he can't go out so we bought the lead.

You might think that it is very difficult to take a cat for a walk. And you'd be right!

Getting the harness on him was the easy part. He was alright on the lead in the house and walked reasonably well on it considering it's the first time he's ever been on a lead. Being outside was another story though! We took him out the back door into the little alley way that runs behind our house. He wasn't to keen on being outside and he fluffed his tail up to twice it's normal size. There were lots of new sounds and smells for him to discover and he seemed quite overwhelmed by it all.

He didn't really want to venture out much past the door but we persevered and we managed to get him to the top of the alley where it joins our road. He didn't really walk, we pulled him a bit, then he would do an acrobatic roll and then stop. We got him almost to the front door when he stopped, miaowed a lot and would not be moved again. Vince had to carry him the rest of the way which was only about six feet!

Once back inside he became his normal happy self again. We gave him some of the treats he so loves as he'd been such a good boy. We left the harness on him for a little while so that he could get used to the feeling of it, he kept trying to lick it off! Ideally you are supposed to train them from kittens so they adapt to it. He did really well though considering it was his first time!

I now feel even more justified keeping him in the house. Seeing how scared he was out there made it obvious that he couldn't do it on his own.


Gill said...

cats on a harness!! I've never got it to work and they never watched Sesame Street so they just won't cooperate!!

Karen said...

we're going to persevere and try and take him out once a week to start off with.

he seems to be getting a bit restless and bored being indoors so we need to buy/make some sort of kitty activity centre. He is currently enjoying trying to get treats and catnip out of a paper bag!