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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Bjork Earth Intruders Misheard Lyrics

Now tell me if I'm wrong, but does she sing Dalek College around the 1.55 mark?


Gill said...

no, but I wish she did because then she could make a video of daleks in mortar boards receiving their degrees or make a dalek slcaker movie where they hang out and get drunk in the frat room. Or maybe one where a dalek goes to Oxford and falls in love with Helena Bonham-Carter but is too much of an outsider to ask her out so he wanders around the quad at night in a very darkly lit film.

Gill said...

I meant slacker movie of course, me brain goes too fast for me hands most of the time!

Ruth said...

Very clearly yes!
What's a slacker movie? I can never keep up with the cutting edge like you do Gill!

Gill said...

A slacker movie is a film about aimless people (usually young) without a real plot. It's a genre started by indpendent film makers-'Slacker' is the most well known film. Now it's gone more mainstream and generally indicates a film about under achievers: moronic college dudes or aimless disaffected shop assistants etc etc. Blimey I'm a walking film encyclopedia! But a dalek slacker movie would be really brilliant.

dalek 1 "woah dude I think I am rusting, fetch me some oil!"

dalek 2 "nah man I am listening to The Crystal Method and getting high"

dalek1 "I would exterminate you but I can't be arsed hahahaha"