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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Where I am From Photo Gallery

From Whitehaven Harbour looking up to Kells. The chimney used to vent gases from the mines. It once got struck by lightning and the gases ignited so now has the nickname The Candlestick.

The same view but from Kells looking down to the harbour.

Jonathan Swift Cottage. Apparently the view of the harbour from here inspired him to create the Liliputians (but tthis could just be an urban legend).

Fishing nets on Whitehaven harbour.

Buttermere on a cold summer's day.

The view from my childhood home in good weather.

The view from my childhood home in not so clement weather.
Please click on the photos if you would like to see them bigger.
All photos taken by me.


Gill said...

fab photos karen, I think your new camera is brilliant.

Karen said...

yeah i really like it! It takes really good photos. Did you manage to find one that you liked in the sale?

Gill said...

no I expect i'll wait till christmas and get your dad to buy me one as a present.

Karen said...

ah good idea!