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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Action packed weekend #2

On Thursday my future housemate Phil came round for tea and then we went to see The Dark Knight. We can both highly recommend it, plenty to laugh at, loads of action, a few cringey "ewww" moments and shovelfuls of darkness. Even though it was a bit slow to get going and was a bit long (2.5 hours) I could definitely sit through it again. Heath Ledger's performance was spellbinding. I used to think he was a bit of a cheesy actor but not after this.
Friday I headed out on the town with Hazel, Zoe, Iqbal and Ignacio, and later joined by Phil. We frequented a couple of bars before ending up in Concrete. It was a bit rubbish though as the DJ was playing very shuffly indie that was boring to dance to, so Phil, Hazel and I left early.
Saturday Phil, Emma and I headed through to Maryport to attend some of the blues festival. We baked ourselves sitting on the hill amongst the hoardes to watch the bands, ate chips and curry sauce, sat on the marina and enjoyed the sea breeze, found a pub down a back street and enjoyed the best band of the day "Blues Positive" (in our opinion), commented on the amount of scary men and women in Maryport (think dodgy tattoos, muscles and a fuck off attitude), got the train home and chatted at my place for a while drinking cups of tea. Very rock and roll.
By the end of the evening I could no longer speak. I thought this was because I had spent the last two nights in loud places and therefore had to shout into people's ears, but no. I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a bus, stiff neck, runny nose, and sounding like a blues singer.
Today I have sweated all the water out my body carrying two bags of shopping back from Tesco in the intense heat, recovered and then just about had enough energy to change my bed clothes. Not all excitement then.


Gill said...

Ah Maryport, that's where Ruth used to live, she swears she saw somebody get an aerosol out of her pretty little baby's pram and then write FUCK OFF on the bridge. Though I have to say that when I worked there most people were really friendly and nice.

Karen said...

If it was in Devon or Cornwall it would be an absolute tourist hotspot as it is actually quite pretty with the little windy narrow streets, the cobbled roads and marina.

J.J said...

Heath Ledger really was astonishing wasn't he? He oozed menace.

Karen said...

Yes he really brought something to the part - mania, darkness, menace but also humour! The nurses uniform was hilarious and somehow suited him!!