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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Lovely walk

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Normally I am a bit of a couch potato of an evening. Phil and I had decided that we should do something last night depending on the weather. Should it be horrible we would go and see Hancock, the film where Will Smith plays a rubbish superhero, or should the weather stay nice we would go for a walk.

By the time that Phil arrived at my house to pick me up we decided it was too late to drive somewhere to go for a walk as it would be getting dark soon. So we decided to go for a wander around Rickerby Park, one of the beautiful parks that we have in Carlisle as you can see above.

For an evening walk I thought we walked quite a long way but Phil said he didn't think it was that far (but then he is an outdoorsy sort of person)! We walked from my house to the park, through the park, back through the park and up to The Beehive pub for a drink and then back to my house. It must have been a couple of miles at least.

It was a lovely evening and I enjoyed being out in the fresh air. I also enjoyed the random group of drummers that had set themselves up and were playing tribal rhythms just for the fun of it.

After our drink we headed up to Tesco for a quick shop and I picked up my raffle prize of a box of Gordon Ramsay chocolates which look very nice. It as even nicer as I had forgetten I'd entered. We were amazed how many people were actually shopping considering the fact that it was almost 10pm!


Gill said...

It was lovely yesterday wasn't it. Lucky you-save me a choccie!

Karen said...

I've got plenty of choccies at the moment as the junior doctor rotation came to an end and I got a box of Ferrero Rocher!