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Friday, 24 April 2009

My Five Minutes of Fame

Vince and my favourite radio station is BBC 6Music. When we get up we always put it on to wake us up a bit. This couldn’t be done without the help of the breakfast DJ Shaun Keaveny. He plays good music and is very amusing. Plus he likes to get the listener involved and has several daily features which requires stuff from us at home.

A popular item is Toast the Nation where listeners are encouraged to email in facts about their hometown or where they live now and celebrate how wonderful the country is. The more amusing or spurious the fact the more Shaun loves it. I think the only place that had been toasted in Cumbria was Carlisle but after today that is no longer the case. This morning I toasted Whitehaven, the town where I was born.
If you’re interested in hearing what I had to say then you can listen again for seven days if you follow this link. I encourage you to listen to the whole show if you can (it’s three hours long) but if you want to hear my bit then you need to fast forward to about 1hr 14mins.


Gill said...

ooh you sounded really good and I never realised before what a dirty sounding laugh you have

Karen said...

I get told that quite often actually!