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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Poem in progress

Influenced by the film Little Ashes, which is about when Dali met Lorca at university. Not sure if it is finished, or indeed if it is any good.


Silver, blue, black,
water, moon, skin.
Two fish without scales;
drops of milky light.
Leaping -
for joy, for freedom.
They will not dance for you
for you paint with blood.


Gill said...

Great- will have to borrow the dvd sometime. Not quite sure about the last line- maybe it doesn't need the word for?

Karen said...

Hmm dunno, I quite like the repetition of "for you", but will leave it alone for a bit and come back, maybe watch the film again. Hopefully if you watch the film you won't be possessed by Lorca or Dali like you were by Rilke!

Glad you liked it anyway :)

Gill said...

only a suggestion but yes I like th epoem a lot.

word veri is suntrol either a scandinavian rock entity or the lastest designer drug

Karen said...


Karen said...

Erm that's what Marwood thinks of it!

Surely Suntrol couldn't exist as that's what kills them? Definitely a drug.

Gill said...

Marwood-haha! I thought it was some new fangled symbolic blogspeak.