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Friday, 9 February 2007


My boss has left for the weekend and I have done all my work. So I have to try and look busy for the next half an hour which will be difficult as my desk is empty. Perhaps is this was my job (I'm just covering as a temp) there'd be some bits of paper I could shuffle about in an organisational way.

I'd love to read my book which I have in my bag with me but knowing my luck I'd be caught :( It's dead good it's all about wizards and a girl who has magical powers and is trying to keep away from the wizards because she thinks they want to kill her. This is because only wizards are supposed to have magic. In reality they want to take her in and train her. The book's called 'The Magicians' Guild', is by Trudi Canavan and is the first part of a trilogy.

Well that's killed some time...


Gill said...

Well I'm doing my best, the novel is NOW FINISHED and went to my agent yesterday.

Ruth said...

Hi Karen and welcome to blogging. I'll add a link to you from mine when I remember how the heck you do it!