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Wednesday, 14 February 2007


It had been my aim on this blog to have a serial exhibition of interesting God related stuff. Now when I mean interesting I generally mean those amusing signs that churches have outside them to encourage to you to go.

They have no effect on me whatsoever in the way they're intended - they just make me laugh. As a media graduate though I appreciate them as obviously a lot of thought has gone into them.

The most recent one, and probably the funniest of them all, was on a board outside St Paul's church round the corner. It used a local waste management company's logo shown here and adapted it to say:

"We were going to waste, but Jesus recycled us".

Alas, the sign has gone before I managed to get a photo :(


Jen said...

sorry i'm late replying to all of these but i wanted to anyway, those signs amuse me too (especially now i'm out of the whole religious world and see how stupid alot of it is) i shall let you know if i see any crackers myself!

Gill said...

Semiotics is the new religion!

Gill said...

did you know Baudrillard had died?