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Wednesday, 14 February 2007


As a child I had a recurring dream that I had a couple of times. I was dressed a bit like Joan of Arc - a white tunic and chainmail - and I was in an old house that had lots of interesting things like brass shields on the walls. The walls were white rough plaster and had coins set into them. In the dream I am quite excited and run up some stairs, just when I get to the top of the stairs, the dream ends.

I had sent my Nan a thank you card for the cheque she sent me for Christmas and she wrote me a little note back which arrived on Monday. It freaked me out when I opened the envelope as the card she sent had a line drawing of a hallway of an old house - AND IT LOOKED VERY LIKE MY DREAM!!!

What seems especially weird that although I had this dream a maximum of 5 times, I probably haven't had it for about 10 years - but I still remember it... I wonder what it all means?


Gill said...

I think I'd better leave this up to Ruth. Where was the house in the picture??

Ruth said...

You need to find out where the house in the picture is and maybe go and visit it if it's open to the public. Could it be a past life recall? Or maybe someone who lived there will turn out to be relevant to you in some way?

Karen said...

It is St Mary's House in Bramber, a place not far from Hove on the south coast. I know I've never been there... not in this life anyway. Will keep an eye out for related things though.