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Wednesday, 11 April 2007


Awful things. I don't tend to have major mood swings that make me want to hit Vince with a rolling pin. However, I do get more weepy.

The worst thing of all though is how it affects my body. Back ache, cramps (charmingly called dysmenorrhoea), severe headaches that only go away after taking powerful painkillers and sleeping (I was once off work all week with a menstrual headache that refused to go away). Sometimes the lower portion of my bottom/top of my thighs feel like I've been kicked by a donkey. My mum has a lovely expression about cramps: it feels like your womb is being pulled out with a crochet hook.

Last night was horrible as I had what I can only describe as toothache but in my legs from my hips down, the knee area being the most painful. How I longed for a bath. Thank god for hot wheat bags!

And if that isn't bad enough you get a slightly raised body temperature which means you get less sleep as you're too hot. Also, just to really piss you off, your sense of smell is heightened around this time - perfect for when having to deal with the blood-covered sanitary product of your choice. Apparently there are more choices of this than I thought.

Men - count yourself lucky you don't have to deal with all of this.


Arthur Clewley said...

It's good to share karen.

mutterings and meanderings said...

You poor love. Get some of those liquid capsule nurofens - they're fab. Alternatively, go on the pill. Raspberry leaf tea is supposed to be good too.

Jen said...

oh the joys of womanhood! i'm over the ickiness of blood now having given into my morals of trying to produce less waste and gone with washable pads, you get used to it, i'm considering a mooncup though with the pill i'm on just now it might not be worth it. I hate the moodswings, i feel so stupid! take care and feel better soon. xxx

Karen said...

I bet you went right pale AC.

M&M I AM on the pill so I dread to think what my periods would be like if I wasn't on it. Will give liquid tablets a go though.

Jen - I do want to get some sort of more natural product as I too feel bad about the tons of plastic and weird gel stuff I must get rid of in a year. A moon cup intrigues me so I might investigate that but I also like the idea of using a natural sponge.

Gill said...

sounds like another job for the amazing child homeopaff

Gill said...

p.s. ask Ruth about the mooncup- she said it was uncomfortable. Washable pads are good though.

Jen said...

I think mooncup or maybe its the other one (divacup i think) offer a money back guarantee, or at least they used to, you get to try it for three cycles or something then if you don't like it you can send it back. I'm not sure about natural sponges, I didn't look into those as with all my allergies I didn't want to try something like that down there! Mine are flannel ones that I got on ebay, you can get colourful and flowery ones if you're that way inclined! ;)Or there's a good communtity on livejournal that have patterns to make your own! xxx

Jen said...

Ignore the bit about the money back guarantee, I just looked it up (should've done that before I posted!) I was sure I'd read about that before but maybe that was a few years ago when it was all new. Anyway, think I might get one myself, they're quite cheap on hope you find the thing thats right for whatever you choose. xxx