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Thursday, 26 April 2007

Those lovely people at AQA

I sent off my lottery winning story to AQA to let them know that they'd aided me in winning a tenner.

Today I got an email back saying that they liked my story and did I have any photos to accompany it - such as of my new umbrella?

I had to email back and say that I'd try my best as I didn't have the internet at home, only at work. Vince will have to take a photo of me with said umbrella, I'll put it onto a floppy disk and send it to them tomorrow.

They said they would let me know in the next couple of days if I had won the competition!

WOO HOO! £100 is almost mine!


Gill said...

ooh good luck!!

Karen said...

both photos are horrible - in one I have a double chin and in the other I'm blinking but Vince managed to take a photo of me holding the umbrella, wine and pie!

Gill said...

you blew your winnings on wine and a pie?

Karen said...

As I still have birthday money to spend on myself I thought I would buy something to treat Vince and myself.

We rarely buy a fresh pudding so I thought we'd have one of those as a treat. Also we usually get cheap plonk but we got a very nice bottle that just happened to be on offer!

If I get the £100 I'm going to buy a bean chair for the front room. And paint for the spare room and living room.