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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The ticking of time

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. I took the day off work to spend with my mum and go shopping. We had lunch out and I spent almost all of my birthday money.

I had a makeover done by the woman on the Benefit stall in House of Fraser. This was purely accidental and not booked. We were just browsing and the woman said why browse when you can try it on, would you like a makeover. Yes please, I said, it's my birthday. So I got made up using so many products (much more than I would normally wear) which had I bought everything would have cost about £150 easily. My mum bought me a purple mascara which I had been looking for for ages. I looked really nice and glowing with lovely greeny purple smokey eyes.

I then hit New Look and bought linen trousers and skirt and an organic cotton cardigan. My mum (who really shouldn't have bought me any more things having bought me a mac and the mascara) got me a lovely green and white summer dress.

We were ratching around charity shops and bric a brac stalls in the market trying to find a nice 70s milk jug but no luck. I might try ebay... We had lunch in Carlisle Cathedral's "Prior's Kitchen" which does very nice home-cooked food using local produce as much as possible.

I then got a shirt in H & M which is a cross between a shirt and a basque in that it has hook and eye fastenings up the front. I tried in vain to get some light summery tops that I could wear for work but all of them were too low cut and booby.

Good old TK Maxx came up trumps as I bought YSL Nu for £25 which full price is £60. I cannot afford this and it smell so nice. I still have plenty left of the bottle Vince got me for Valentines Day last year (also from TK Maxx) but you have to grab these things while they're there.

Then in the evening I went to the cinema to see 300 (which I might do a separate blog about) with Vince, a friend from work and her boyfriend. A nice round off to the day.

The only downside to the day was that two buttons fell off the above mentioned mac and I hate sewing buttons. Plus it's disgusting as full price it was £69 - just because you buy something in the sale for £34.50 doesn't mean the buttons should fall off.


Gill said...

you forgot to mention the nice girl in lush who gave you a free bath bomb

Karen said...

Oh yes I forgot that.

A little tip for you - if you like Lush things go in the shop and be really friendly and chatty with the staff. I have got loads of freebies for being nice! This has worked in more than one shop so it's not just the Carlisle branch.

mutterings and meanderings said...

You sound like you've had a fab day.

I adore traipsing around charity shops.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

In a comment on another blog you complained that you hadn't won the "fucking lottery". Now where can I get tickets for this particular lottery as it sounds so much more stimulating than the National Lottery. I guess that if I lose I get Dot Branning from Eastenders but if I win - who knows - maybe a legal secretary from Carlisle!

Karen said...

I think the local nightclub is where the fucking lottery is held. Entrance fees vary wildly from free to astronomical.

arthur clewley said...

women's clothes are a strange and mysterious world karen. It seems to me that if you want anything to cover your belly button you have to go to a men's shop and do an 'Annie Hall'. It seems so much easier for even the worst male scruffbag like me to put on a shirt and shiny shoes and and look smart but I don't know how you women get out of the house in the morning. Happy birthday by the way

Gill said...

when will the annoying clothes manufactures realise:
we don't want clothes with necklines so low our tits hang out
we don't want tops cut so short our guts hang out
we don't want see-through clothes made of recycled paper
Empire line clothes only suit people without tits
we don't want to wear 'the layered look' a-if it is hot b-if we are bigger than size 12
we want buttons that are sewn on with more than 2 stiches.

I can buy a pack of 3 T shirts for £5 which I know will be too short then shrink anyway and go shapeless. It is not just the people who make them who are being exploited. It is the people who buy them as well!!

I would willingly pay more for clothes if they fitted and were of good quality- but price is no indicator. I only wore my windsmoor coat 3 times and the button fell off.

Rant over!

Karen said...

You for got that we don't want trousers so low slung that we flash our arse cracks!