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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Knitting for a good cause

I am a keen knitter but I never seem to get anything finished. I always get bored, start a new project and now I probably have about five unfinsished things on the go at the moment.
This is why I am so pleased that I got some baby socks and trousers finished in time for my friend Vik's baby boy Django - and finished in time for him to be able to wear them!
So when I checked my emails this morning there was an email from Oxfam asking for my help. They want to make a giant baby blanket made up from lots of different squares. They need 250,00 squares by September 2008. This is to represent the number of mothers who have died during pregnany or childbirth because they were unable to access appropriate medical care.
So if you can knit at all - whether you've been doing it for years or you're a novice that drops lots of stitches - please visit the site and take part. I know this is one project I will definitely persevere with.
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mutterings and meanderings said...

I haven't knitted for years. i don't think I could remember how.

I once did two jumpers though, many years ago!

Karen said...

Ah M&M, if only you didn't live on the opposite coast I could re-teach you how to knit!

Gill said...

I can knit squares and I'll post it on my blog too!