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Sunday, 9 March 2008

St Bees in March

I was a little disappointed with this photo as on the LCD screen of my camera there was an almost solid beam of light. But I'm actually quite pleased with the image, especially the little footprints in the sand. I think I could have a lot of fun playing about with this image. No colour fiddling on this image.

I love this image as although it was taken in colour and I have not treated it in any way it looks like it is in black and white.

A fleeting moment of sunshine! It was a very odd day and we caught the best of the weather whilst on the beach. The little people in the photo are mum and Vince.

Looking south down the coast towards Drigg and Ravenglass there was an odd mist. I think the person in the right of the photo is mum.

St Bees Head is the most westerly point in Cumbria, and indeed the north of England. These photos were taken on 1st March and the month certainly came in like a lion. I don't know if it's because I grew up near desolate beaches such as Drigg but I prefer them that way. Seascale and St Bees are all very lovely but I do prefer them without a promenade and isolated from any town or village.
However, I wouldn't get rid of the cafe at St Bees for love or money! After a bracing walk on the beach Vince, mum and I went into Hartley's cafe for a toastie and a drink. They have secondhand books with the proceeds going to the local lifeboaft station and it's always good for a ratch. Mostly there are the inevitable Danielle Steele, Jackie Collins, Barbara Taylor Bradford and Mills & Boon books but you never know what gems you might find. We bought Forrest Gump, a book on pizza toppings and a rather pretentious sounding novel called Ella Minnow Pea.
Later in the day we met up with my grandparents for a meal to celebrate my mum's birthday, Mothers' Day and my grandad's birthday. We go at least once a year to the Cumbrian Lodge in Seascale as it is handy for my grandparents and the food is lovely. I had a tasty turkey, ham and leek pie and banoffee pie. Vince was adventurous and had ostrich which he now claims to prefer to beef steak!


Gill said...

The library angels usually manage to leave a good book or two in odd places.

Trevor Robinson Geki Ryu said...

Hi Karen I just had to copy that second picture is is beautyful Thankyou

Karen said...

No worries - glad you liked it! Just please acknowledge that it's mine if you use it elsewhere on the web thanks.

Trevor Robinson Geki Ryu said...

I just want it for myself but if I use it I will use your name,god bless you

Ruth said...

St Bees is also supposed to be the Omphalos - the central point - of the British Isles, and therefore very special. If you place the point of a compass on it and draw a big circle you'll see what I mean.

Karen said...

that's very interesting ruth i'll have to give it a try sometime