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Sunday, 30 March 2008

What's the significance?


As I left work on Friday and was walking along one of the many soulless hospital corridors I came across three elastic bands on the floor.

Big deal I hear you say. I see loads of elastic bands everyday.

But have they fallen, apparently at random, to spell out 800?

Does anyone know of any significance of this number in mythology etc? Like 7 is a lucky number for some reason and 13 is seen as unlucky. The Wikipedia page is a bit dull and doesn't contain anything like that.

What could it mean?


Gill said...

8 is lucky in chinese isn't it. so its 800 times lucky!

Gill said...

I found a number 9 today- on a sticker on the floor. Maybe we are collecting a set of winning lottery numbers?

Ruth said...

Maybe just keep a look out for the number occurring in your life - could it be a car number plate or something?