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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Decisions Decisions

I work as a temp secretary at a solicitors in Carlisle. I don't really want to be a legal secretary forever.

I have had TWO interviews for a PA job at an accountants. I still have one more to go if I make it to the next round. This seems excessive to me for a PA job. It also seems like a bit of a scary job where the expect you to work wonders from the first day and be superwoman and not need any guidance at all and work on your own initiative rather than having your boss tell you what to do all the time. Maybe I'm just young and under confident but I think I need more experience.

I also had another interview last week for a job at a building society, to work in their executive office rather than in the branch dealing with customers. This is less money than the PA job but that's because you're part of a team working for a team rather than a one-to-one scenario.

I am in the process of applying for an admin job at the local museum. The money is good and the job description looks fantastic. However I have not even sent off the application form yet.

A position has become available at the firm I am working at. The work is VERY dull but the other secretaries in the room and I get on really well with. For example I went down to use the colour copier for one sheet of paper and was down there for half an hour and was offered a second hand sofa if one of them bought a new suite. We could've talked for much longer and said we should go for coffee some time. I've also made another friend who might be my yoga buddy if we can find a suitable class. So there are some nice people here.

I've always been a procrastinator and crap at making big decisions so please help me!

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Gill said...

apply for it- you've got a dtp qualifications and experiece with hospitality with wwp- getting drunk with poets :-)