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Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Solicitors are a strange breed of people aren't they. I have worked for many different ones and they're all a bit strange in their own way. Usually worst in the males of the species

The worst one I ever worked for found out I had read and liked Lord of the Rings. I had read it once. He then used to quote passages and look hopefully at me. I'd look blank. He'd then enthuse that it was a quote from LOTR. It seemed his favourite quote was "Ai! A Balrog!" which he'd exclaim when things weren't going his way.

Also he used to go on about rock climbing and use all the terminology and expect you to now what he meant and didn't explain it to you.

He used to chat with the secretaries and be jolly and tell jokes and then he'd suddenly turn and become a 'higher being' i.e. a solicitor, when he wanted you to do something for him. He couldn't take it if you made jokes at his expense.

In fact he was very like David Brent, and I told him this to his face, rather stupidly. Fortunately for me he hadn't seen it as this was around the time The Office had just started and not many people had seen it. I find The Office very realistic and too painful to watch as my boss was so like David Brent.

I'm sure he's not the only one.


Gill said...

Great cartoon- it even has your hair!! I bet your ex boss knows who David Brent is by now. Never ask him for a reference!

PS Mr green fairy is sending absinthe by special delivery so we should have a good mother's day weekend! Haven't managed to make the yodelling cow distribution device yet though.

Karen said...

Fortunately I have more up to date references!

Yeah the cartoon is perfect - that's why I had to put it on. I found it through Google image search and meant to reference it in the original post but for got. I found it at

Looking forward to having a thimble full of absinthe. Shame abot the cow :(

mutterings and meanderings said...

I think Lord of the Rings freaks are like Star Wars freaks. I don't do either. I was always a Narnia girl myself - and I was convinced I would find my way there, I just had to locate the right wardrobe ...

Gill said...

Lotr and star wars are very MALE aren't they, women are just there to be rescued. Mr Tumnus was one of my first loves, he knew how to treat a girl right, toast on the fire, a proper tea service, lots of books and an animal from the waist down!

Gill said...

ps you can have more than a thimbleful as mr green fairy sent a £55 bottle!!

Karen said...

Yeah I love Narnia too! I was always fascinated by the character of Jadis (in fact I always seem to like "baddies" in films more than the "goodies" - except for Dr Doom in Roger Rabbit as he scared the shit out of me with his red glowing eyes). The Magician's Newphew sticks out in my memory the best - and of course this is the one they never make for TV or film grrr!

I read somewhere that when CS Lewis was reading through dratfs of LOTR he said to Tolkein something along the lines of "Oh God, not more fucking elves"!

M & M have you read any books by Philip Pullman - especially the His Dark Materials trilogy? They're really good and I would highly recommend them.

Karen said...

A free £55 bottle? That's very generous of him. Despite the vast quantities of of free-flowing absinthe I shall still just have a thimble full due to my intolerance/allergy to alcohol. If lesser spirits make me flush, give me bloodshot eyes and make my shoulders and neck ache at a mere sip I dread to think what absinthe will do.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Yep, I adore His Dark Materials. I bought them for my brother when they came out, then ended up raeding them before he did.

We like similar books, but he adores LOTR. Shudder.

I do do Harry Potter in the sad pre-order from Amazon to be here on publication day thing as well!

Gill said...

I just couldn't get on with HP at all, just found it all tedious but I love Philip Pullman.

see mr tumnus as you have never seen him before at my blog- sept 5!!

Karen said...

Never read Harry Potter but I want to see what all the fuss is about.

Have you read any of the Ruby in the Smoke books by Philip Pullman? They're quite good too.

mutterings and meanderings said...

I've only read His Dark Materials.

I read the first Harry Potter to see what all the fuss was about and was rapidly hooked!

Jen said...

i absolutely loved narnia too! though when i've read it since i didn't realise quite how mad it was religion/politically correct/snobbish it was, whatever you want to call it. i've got the original tv series on dvd, brings back memories! I love Harry Potter and His Dark MAterials too, am re-listening to HDM on my jukebox atm for the millionth time, good to listen to at night whilst trying to get to sleep! As is Harry for that matter. I don't think you can really compare them, as in I wouldn't be able to pick one over the other, they're both just great in their own ways. Will be interesting to see what they do with the film for HDM.