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Wednesday, 21 March 2007


Like solicitors, they are funny creatures. I have never had a dog but above are my two favourite breeds - weimaraner and basenji.
I walk past a house which contains a dog every morning. To be more precise I walk past a house that contains a specific dog every morning, as I'm sure I walk past more than one house which contains dogs.
This dog is fairly old and is nosey. It sticks its head out between the closed curtains and people watches. The only person I have seen it bark at is the postman.
Now it is a cliche that dogs bark and bite at post deliverers but in this case it is certainly true. I have walked past the dog several times and it just looks at me. I wondered how it could distinguish between the average passerby and the postman. At first I thought it must be because he was wearing a bright orange visibility jacket. But no, dogs are colourblind aren't they So what can it be that this dog can separate the postman from everyone else?

Image of basenji taken from Image of weimaraner taken from


mutterings and meanderings said...

I adore Weimeraners (can't spell it though)!

Animals do so much on body language and communication that we can't grasp. I reckon dogs know different footsteps (my cats and my horse know the sound of my car and the sound of my footsteps).

You should ask eurodog - she'll know.

How'd the i/v go?

Gill said...

Lovely whydog thingies! I love them!! I've never seen a basenji in the flesh though they look cute too.

Dogs have very sensitive noses so maybe they can sniff out junk mail, gas bills, car tax forms and the like?? Perhaps if the postman had a sack of love letters and pressies and free absinthe and nighties they wouldn't bark?

word verif. is- aarcvqdm sounds a bit Latin?

Karen said...

aarcvqdm - either latin for advocaat, aardvark or avocado.

My cat used to recognise the sound of our car and come running up to us if he was outside. He'd then stand mewling on the drive as if to say "you bastards have left me outside all this time!"

I'd love to have another cat but I would feel cruel having a house cat and I wouldn't want to let it outside as I hae no garden and there's a fairly busy road at the bottom of the street where I live.

Having a dog would mean getting more exercise but my house is only really big enough for something small like a Yorkie and I'm not a big fan of small yappy type dogs. No room for a weimaraner :(

I thought a basenji was shorter, though not as short as a dachshund. I thought the coat was darker too - like a setter - but they're lovely the way they are!

Interview went pretty well I think - they didn't ask any awkward questions, just typical interview ones. It will be odd if I find out the outcome of that interview before the next stages of the other interview I had last week. I don't know which I one I want more.

The job I really want is arts administrator that I've just got the pack for. Unfortunately its only a temporary job to cover maternity leave but the job looks right up my street!

Gill said...

Saw some why dogs in a car today near Rydal- had to stop in the car park there for Ruth to use the loo!

Carlos Luis DeMedeiros said...

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