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Friday, 30 March 2007


I've lost my weird! My ability to waffle about random crap and make strange connections between things that don't seem connected is missing. My vivid imagination has dwindled.

I think this is because the job I'm doing at the moment is really boring and frustrating and the guy I'm working for at the moment is more than a little infuriating. At least it's my last day and next week I'll be in a different department, where the work will be no less boring but I shouldn't think I'll want to take my boss by the shoulders and shake them.

So if you've seen my random, my weird - please return it to me as I rather miss it.

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Gill said...

Oh don't worry, it goes in cycles and will come back, beleive me- then it will be salmon in a ring-shaped river all night until you are begging for a bit of peace.

But if you want to kick start it listen to the operatic version of herzeleid, now that IS weird.