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Friday, 30 March 2007

Recycling Rant

At present we have a fortnightly recycling collection using a green box as seen above. This is for paper, glass and metal. We have received two letters from the Council telling us that we will be getting a green bag system for plastic and cardboard. As we live in a terrace house we will not be getting a massive wheelie bin for fortnightly rubbish collection but will still have a collection once a week but they would only remove a maximum of two bags per week - as obviously we will be recycling more.
Green bags have been sighted all over town but they have yet to arrive at our house. Before Vince got his job with the Council he gave them a ring to ask why people round the corner had theirs but we didn't have them.
It turns out that even though we were told that we were getting the bags it now turns out that we're not. This is because they're expanding the scheme to so many more houses and our street fell on the wrong side of the line - literally as I said people round the corner have them.
To make matters worse we're still only allowed 2 bags of rubbish per week even though we're not recycling more. Plastic probably makes up the majority of our waste. There are no plans for our street to get plastic and cardboard recycling this year.
Vince and I feel very strongly about recycling and were looking forward to being able to recycle more. I had even started putting aside some plastic things for recycling. We are now both quite pissed off.


Gill said...

keep dropping them off in the office of the chief executive for recyling- he might get the point

mutterings and meanderings said...

Did you hear about the old lady on jeremy Vine's programme who dumped her rubbish on the steps of a town hall because the council didn't collect it?

Karen said...

I hadn't heard about her - it's quite a good idea. I should get Vince to take it into work with him!