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Monday, 26 March 2007


I shouldn't think that many readers of my blog watched Skins as most of them seem to be over 30. Hell, even I'm over the target age of this programme (as I'm not a teenager) but nonetheless I never missed an episode of this compelling drama, shown on e4.
But it's got me thinking - do teenagers do the stuff they are portrayed doing in Skins or is it highly fictionalised. I would guess at the latter. As as teenager I didn't: shag lots of different people, be evil to my other half because I wanted to shag someone else, take lots of drugs, shag a teacher, owe lots of money to a drug dealer, get beaten up on a fairly regular basis, go to or throw massive parties, steal a relative's car, have an eating disorder, take some more drugs and shag more people.
Was this because I lived in rural Cumbria and not a city, or was it because I'm really boring? I don't even do any of that stuff now. I think it's probably a bit of both.
Even though I am nothing like them I enjoyed the programme very much - it was funny, moving, sexy, daft, full of drama and tackled some serious issues. Plus it didn't talk down to the teenagers the programme was aimed at. I think they would probably have enjoyed the programme as much as I did. Roll on series two!

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Jen said...

We enjoyed it too! But like you I thought was I just boring as a kid? (probably is the answer as well as being ill obviously). I can't work out whether its just a rural/urban thing good family/shit family thing or what. I guess everyone's just different and the fact that we grew up in the middle of nowhere perhaps didn't help. I do feel like i've missed out on something though hmm...