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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

One less decision

I have had feedback from the telephone interview I did a couple of hours ago and I haven't got the job.

I can't say I'm that gutted as it sounds like it was a bit above my level of experience and had I managed to blag my way to being offered the job I would have struggled with it and found it stressful I think.

OK, so it's between staying where I am, arts admin to cover maternity leave or working for the executives of a building society.


Gill said...

lets do lunch and talk it all over! I will try and be a sensible mother and not a semi retired shemale deity!

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mutterings and meanderings said...

Oh Karen, interviews are just hell. You didn't get that one cos it wasn't the right one for you. Big hugs.

Gill said...

Sounds like a wanky place to work if you ask me- 3 interviews for the job of secretary?! The boss has delusions of grandeur, is a control freak and does not have enough work to do.

Karen said...

I know! Apparently he's not even in the country just now.

I've also heard that at the building society they don't let you wear trousers! Although this was 5 years ago so things may have changed. Although I am wearing a skirt today I am generally a trousers person (so much more practical) so I'd tell them to fuck off about that.

Gill said...

MEN IN FROCKS!! Hell, I have to work there!!

Karen said...

Oh mother what will I do with you! Just the women have to wear skirts

Gill said...

How boring! But then it is a building society...yawn...wouldn't it be more interesting to save money if the assisants swapped clothes now and again.

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