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Friday, 9 March 2007

Oh for a scone!

I am in day 3 of a new diet. I cannot eat carbs for 2 weeks. Carbs are contained in most of my favourite foodstuffs :( Also it means I miss out on the work ritual of a daily scone.

Luckily I can still eat cheese.

I'm bored already and all I can think about is lovely bread, crisps and cake. But I'm overweight so I've to get rid of the flab somehow.

I'll probably never want to see another egg again at the end of all this. I doubt it will put me off cheese.

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Gill said...

Dull isn't it.

mutterings and meanderings said...

Hello. Are you Atkins-ing?

I need to diet too as I piled on the weight when I stopped smoking last year. I just can't get motivated at the moment ...

Gill said...

Don't stay on it too long- i think it is weird to cut out one food group completely. I didn't succumb to a kitkat but I did go to Crosby's in Whitehaven and had the F word and the C word, with salt and vinegar. I did leave most of the batter though and I had to leave loads of chips cos there were too many!

Jen said...

how can you be overweight?!! surely thats a medical impossibility for you!!