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Friday, 30 March 2007

Weird Observation

Since Vince started his new job we have been able to walk into work together which has been really nice. He even hangs around for half an hour after he's finished so he can meet me from work and walk home together - the sweetie!

On the past two mornings I have seen a strange sight - a man riding a bicycle but only holding the handlebars with one hand, the other hand was resting palm-up on top of his thigh. This morning he was doing the same thing only his hand was inside his hoodie front pouch so his hand must have been cold.

Vince and I both had the idea that he was perhaps meditating - perhaps his hand was held in such a way to carry a little ball of chi to work with him...


Gill said...

Maybe his hand doesn't grip properly? But I like the ball of chi idea,or perhaps he holds an invisible hedgehog?

Does Vincenzo know if Copeland will follow the lead of Carlisle and have kerbside plastic recyling soon?

Karen said...

He's only a call logging monkey boy - I doubt he will know.

I'm afraid you'll have to phone the council and find out.